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 HK Tournament 2014              Detail

Competition Name
Combat Sports Series 2014


Competition Date

Jan to Dec 2014


Competition Time

1400 - 1900



6/F,  Pei Ho Street Sports Centre






Athletes Ranking List 2013

Elite Men boxers ( Boxing )

Champion    LI YU ZHENG             49KG

Champion    LAU YUEN KEUNG  52KG

Champion    KWOK KA HIN         56KG

Champion   YUEN MAN CHUN    60KG

Champion   WONG WAI MING    64KG

Champion    TSE KWOK WAI      69KG

Champion    NG PING TAI             75KG


Elite Women boxers ( Kickboxing )

Champion   CHAN KA MAN         57KG

Champion   CHEUNG SHIU PAN   63KG




 Coach Award Scheme 2012      Detail

Outstanding Development ( Boxing )

Mr. TANG Tsz Wai

Mr. YUEN Man Chun


Coach Award Scheme ( Boxing )

Mr. YUEN Man Chun


Outstanding Performance Award

( Boxing )

Mr. WONG Wai Ming


Coach Award Scheme

( Kickboxing )

Mr. LEE Wan Fung

Outstanding Performance Award

( Kickboxing )

Mr. LEE Wan Fung






Hong Kong Boxing Association












Hong Kong Boxing Association ( HKBA )

HKBA was founded in 1955, the main duties of the Association are promoting different ring combat sports and organizing local and international events. The Training course for public have been held included adidas BMI boxing Training Course, Community Sports Club training course. Furthermore, in order to suit the on-going development of various ring combat sports, the Association also conducts course for Local Referee and Judge of every classes and Coach Education.

We are the members or partnership by:

International Boxing Association ( AIBA )

The Asian Confederation Organization  ( ASBC )
Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China ( SF & OC )
Leisure and Cultural Services Department (L.C.S.D.)
Hong Kong Coaching Committee (HKCC)


2014/15 Light Contact Boxing Training Programme

( Apr to May 2014 ) 

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2014/15 CSC Junior Boxing

Training Programme

( Apr to May 2014 ) 


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Boxing Team Feeder Programme

 ( Apr to Jun 2014  )

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School and Community Sports
Development Programme

( 2013-2014 )

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